Evelyn Hernández

Evelyn D. Hernández

Evelyn D. Hernández

Pastoral Counselor (Bilingüe en español)

I was born and raised in New York and moved to Georgia in 1996, still in search for significance.  I traveled 27 years before finding my way Home and receiving the gift of salvation.  Prior to that I tried finding love, acceptance, worth, safety and security in every way imaginable.  Nothing satisfied what my soul desperately sought.  “Who am I? What’s the purpose of living?  Is there more to life than this? Will I ever be OK?”  Those were some of the questions I had for years.  Somehow, I ended up believing that the answers to all of these questions would be found in fulfilling the American Dream.  I thought having a great marriage and working really hard on my education so that one day I may have an outstanding career would fill my void, so I strived.  As the years went by trying to complete this mission, I was still empty, hurt, confused, emotionally dysfunctional and going in circles.  A wanderer.

When I became a Christian, my life changed forever and Jesus became my everything, but I didn’t realize I had jumped from my old hamster’s wheel to a Christian one, where I would also try really hard to get a hold of my true identity—something that can’t be accessed through our works.  I knew something was missing and wondered why I wavered in my victory when all I wanted was to glorify God.  Why did I still find myself in an identity crisis struggling with old patterns?  Why the unrest?

This deep desire for healing is something I longed for myself and for others.  One of the ways I attempted to prepare myself to join the Lord in His healing ministry was through earning a degree in psychology, but the things I was taught there were not even close to what I believed in, and it completely excluded God.  I prayed that God would show me what was next.

I was led to Healing Grace Ministries, where I believed I was being sent solely to be trained for counseling.  While that may have been true, His priority for me during that time was to bring healing to my soul.  Since then, my experience in my relationship with God has continued to transform my life, and I continue to be filled with the fullness of God, as Paul once prayed for the Ephesians.  After completing the Advanced Exchange Life Training program through Healing Grace Ministries, I went on to Grace Ministries to complete their Pastoral Counseling training program.

Today, I am honored to join our most Wonderful Counselor and Lifewell Ministries in this journey, along with all who are seeking to quench their thirst and never thirst again.  I’m so grateful we don’t have to wait to get to Heaven to experience the abundant life Jesus promised in His Word.  Hand-in-hand, He’ll walk you to the well and do the same for you, for you are a beautiful part of His love story!

I am married to my beloved, Enrique, and we have a precious bright-eyed son named Jaír.

Professional Organization Affiliations

The Board of Examiners for Georgia Christian Counselors and Therapists: Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC) #03236032

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