I cannot express how the team at Lifewell Ministries has been such an incredible source of support and encouragement to me, as I recently experienced a life change that has affected my entire family.

Evie Chrisman lovingly and patiently walked me through each step of my healing process. This ministry assists you with healing from the heart and core of your being, so you are able to live life with and from Christ the way that God intended His people to live from the beginning.

Know that you will be in great hands, as Bob , Evie and their team will take care of your spiritual healing.


Lifewell Ministries counselors are very genuine and come along side you to walk with you in your struggles and/or hurts. They guide you and counsel you in ways that you can grasp and you can also tell that they “get it”. The biblical based counseling is powerful and comforting. Recommend Lifewell highly!



Dear Bob,

Just a note to say thank you for all the work and care that you provided to my wife and I. We continue to implement many of the things you’ve shared with us over these months. Deb and I both have a way to go but we both feel our marriage is in a better place, hopeful for the future.

Also, as I remember you telling us in the beginning that Lifewell Ministries never turns anyone away and that you have ministry partners who support you.

Thank you, Bob, for honoring that commitment to see us, given our financial struggles.

Lastly, a big shout our and thank you to your ministry partners for what they invest into your ministry for couples like us.

Tim and Deb

What do you do when the counselor needs a counselor? You call Lifewell Ministries.

I knew something was wrong when I noticed I was having relationship problems in every area of my life- work, family, friends. I felt like I was just losing it. So, I started looking for a counselor. Easy for me, I know what to look for, did my research and waited to hear from Lifewell Ministries so I could discuss my preferences. Well, Denise Lemire, a counselor, contacted me to set up an appointment. I reviewed her bio and I said, “this won’t do”, but called her as a courtesy. I was sure that when I spoke to her, she would understand why she could not help me. After all, how could she relate to me when we have nothing in common? Fortunately, with kindness and confidence, she said let’s trust God to lead us. Well, what could I say to that?

From our first session, I knew I was in the right place. We began exploring my past wounds. I thought, I already knew this and had healed from the past. But this was different, we began to explore things from a biblical perspective, specifically my relationship with God. We began to explore our five core longings and how these could only be completely satisfied in my relationship with my Father, my creator. I had achieved the things that were supposed to satisfy me-status, education, privilege, the things that are supposed to make you enviable, happy, if you will. But peace was a moving target (we laughingly called it a WHACK-A-MOLE exercise). Fast forward to now- my family says they see a change in me. My focus at work is changing. Most importantly, my relationship with Christ has changed. I embrace a sense of peace, acceptance, significance and trust that transcends circumstances.

One of the most beautiful things about Lifewell Ministries, and Denise, is that I never felt like I was doing this alone. She never judged me. She was in there with me, walking with me through every step of the journey. That is what it is, a journey.
As a trained professional in the field, I would like to say, this ministry is different. You can see that the psychosocial modalities are addressed, but from a biblical perspective.
I continue to wholeheartedly recommend Lifewell Ministries as a wonderful counseling resource.
Lovingly submitted,

NH-in Atlanta


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